[3 Pack][350 Adhesive]Durora Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone SE 2020 with 9H HD Clear Transparent Ultra thin Protective Film


Warm tip: Since the edge of the phone is round, the actual size of the protective film would be smaller than the screen, but it is also for this reason, this tempered film can be compatible with any phone case without being lifted up.

Good material: The tempered film is made of AGC glass. After careful treatment, it will become a mesh when it is broken and will not become a piece of debris to splash out and hurt the human body.

HD Clear: Transparent and maintains 99% light transmission, providing protection to mobile phones and without hindering the daily use of mobile phones

9H: The tempered film reaches 9H hardness and although it is placed with the key cable, it will not scratch the screen.

350 adhesive: 350 adhesive is used for the tempered film, its adsorption force to the screen is stronger than ordinary tempered film, reduce or even eliminate the surrounding air bubbles, and improve the touch sensitivity of the mobile phone