iPhone XR Case,9H Tempered Glass iPhone XR Cases for Men Boys,Cute Colorful Tiger Pattern Design Printing Shockproof Anti-Scratch Case for Apple iPhone XR 6.1 inch Color Tiger



Advanced Aechnology:Covered with tempered glass using the world’s top printing technology. Make iPhone XR case pattern brighter, clearer and more vivid.

Top Glass: Hard tempered glass back sheet has excellent characteristics such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and impact resistance. Make your iPhone XR case have a high-end texture while also having strong protection

Safe Design:The high quality TPU soft case covers all edges of the phone. Very thin design, excellent feel. Protect your Phone from dust, dirt and scratches.

Easy to Use: the Bumper is made of TPU material which is good for absorbing shock and protecting the iPhone XR. It is easy to install and remove and won’t scratch your phone.

Support Function: Precise hole positions allow you to smoothly press various phone buttons.


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