YTT Upgraded AirPods Dust Guard??Ark Reactor, 18K Gold Plating????Protect AirPods from Iron??Metal Shavings?? Dust-Proof Film Suitable for Apple Airpods or 1 & 2 Charging Case (Silver-Reactor)


This??Ark reactor, 18K Gold Plating??metal sticker is only available for Apple Airpods or 1 & 2 Charging Case

Tailored for AirPods??Ustproof with paste Internal metal protection?? Thickness only 0.04mm, It’s just an extra layer of protection, which doesn’t affect everyday use.

Magnet adsorption??The Airpod has nine magnets built into it, which are easily absorbed by metal powder in the part of the magnet, so this is the case.

Metal Material??Metal thin layer with cool style. A thin layer of metal, a cool appearance??bring AirPod??s temperament to a higher level.

100% money back guarantee with 1 year warranty – AirPods & AirPods Charging Case NOT included