[ Compatible with Apple AirPods 1 & 2 ] 7 in 1 AirPods Accessories Set – TPU Gel Protective Case/Carabiner Keychain/Ear Hooks/Strap/Watch Band Holder – (Dark Geometric 1980S Styled Pattern)



This Amazing [ 7 in 1 ] Accessory Kit includes: 1 x Soft TPU Airpods Protection Case, 1 x Keychain Carabiner Clip, 1 x Pair of Soft Silicone Anti-Lost Strap, 2 x Pairs of small Earhooks, 1 x AirPods Watch band Holder, 1 x Pair of Large Earhooks

1 x AirPods TPU GEL Protection Case + Keychain carabiner clip: This Soft TPU Gel Case will protect your AirPods from shocks and scratches. It also comes with a carabiner clip which can serve as a keychain , or use it to attach your Airpods to your bag.

1 x Pair of Large Sport Earhooks AND 2 x Pairs of small Earhooks: Keeps AirPods From Falling Out and Getting Lost, these earhooks clip easily onto your AirPods, then loop around your ear to keep the AirPods securely in place during sports & rigorous activity.

1 x Pair of Anti-Lost Airpods Strap: This strap made of soft silicone will prevent you from losing your Airpods during sport activities.

1 x AirPods Watch Band Holder: Store your AirPods safely and securely right on your wrist Compatible with any size watch band ?C even extra wide 26 mm bands

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