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Your Phone case is dirty? These 13 ways to help you easily clean

Many people like to bring a protective cover for their cell phones, that is, cell phone cases. But the phone case with a long time will always become dirty, you know how to clean up?

Silicone Phone Case Maintenance Methods

Silicone Phone Case

1, first soak the dry rag in water, fully wrung out, wipe the phone case with the rag repeatedly, 80% of the stains can be cleaned off.

2、If there are dirt and dust on the phone case, you can use a small toothpaste squeezed with a little toothpaste to clean it. If the phone case is stuck with a lot of oil stains, you can use a toothbrush sticky with some detergent to clean.

3, if there are double-sided adhesive, glue, and other sticky stains on the phone case, you can use a cotton swab to dab a small amount of Windex on the stain, followed by a small toothbrush to repeatedly wipe the can.

4, wipe dry with a rag after cleaning the phone case, it will be a new look!

Metal Phone Case Maintenance Method

Metal Phone Case

1, with a wet rag to clean the phone case under the dust and surface residual stains.

2, metal phone case crevices with stains, you can use “toothbrush + soap” to clean, because the metal phone case is easy to clean off the dust and stains, so just gently wipe, you can achieve results.

3, if there is a particularly strong sticky stain, you can use alcohol or cleaning agents to clean, alcohol, and cleaning agent for paints, pigments, building materials coatings have a good cleaning effect (in the use of alcohol to pay attention away from the source of fire).

4, if the phone case with rust, with a 2% solution of oxalic acid for dissolution, the solution will be wiped in the rust out, 2-3 minutes after wiping clean with a paper towel or rag.

5, clean up after the phone to remember to clean off the phone case in time to avoid rust on the metal case.

Plastic Phone Case maintenance method

Plastic phone case

1, away from high temperature and open fire, the temperature is too high may make the phone case deformation, melting, the situation is serious will also threaten the safety of the phone.

2, minimize folding, very easy to deformation by external forces for a long time. If it is a hard plastic case is easy to break the use of the process do not force too hard;.

3, plastic phone case is easy to get dust, especially in the inconspicuous crevices, it is recommended that you develop a good habit of regular cleaning;.

4, for very stubborn stains such as chewing gum, paint, glue and other stains, you can use windex drops on the toothbrush to clean, which will greatly shorten the life of the phone case.