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Why is there no warranty for iPhone after water ingress?

Let’s start by summarizing in layman’s terms exactly what a waterproof and dustproof standard is. It is a dust and water resistance level standard tested in a specific environment and under specific conditions, and may fail over time and as environmental conditions change.

This is the first problem of “waterproof cell phone into the water without warranty”, dustproof and waterproof performance is an unstable state, the phone into the water, whether the user or business is difficult to define and verify that “the water is not to meet the IP68 conditions into the.

The purity and temperature of the water is in line with the requirements, how much water depth, how long the immersion time, the waterproof performance of the phone has not decreased, etc., once the dispute between the business and the user is basically insoluble.

Why is there no warranty for iPhone after water ingress?

Secondly, there is deceptive behavior of the gray industry and some users. For example, intentionally letting old phones get waterlogged and then taking them in for a new one or asking for a no-cost repair.

For example, according to The Information, a Silicon Valley technology media, two Chinese students collected damaged or even copycat iPhones from China and then went to the official Apple store in the U.S. to “trade them in” and “trade them in for new ones,” involving up to $900,000, after which Apple had to upgrade its after-sales policy and the service process became more complicated.

Imagine, if the phone into the water can be repaired for free, while in general the phone into the water basically can not be repaired, the business has to directly for the customer to get a new phone. If the law stipulates that the water into the phone warranty, which is well-intentioned, but in the dishonest behavior of more areas, is tantamount to encouraging dishonest arbitrage, the end result is that the better the after-sales service business is more likely to go bankrupt, good money is expelled by bad money.

Why is there no warranty for iPhone after water ingress?

However, this does not mean that manufacturers can use the reason “the existence of arbitrage” to avoid their responsibilities, to give a clearer explanation of the product and popularize the IPXX standards to meet the conditions, but also should fulfill the obligation.

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