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What if wireless charging fails after upgrading iPhone 12 series to iOS 14.3?

The iPhone 12 series is currently on sale, and the iPhone 12’s popularity has also led to a boom in the market for peripheral accessories, and the MagSafe wireless charger launched with the iPhone 12 is a hot market.

With the MagSafe wireless charger, it is more convenient for magnetic wireless charging. Apple has also launched a series of magnetic accessories for MagSafe. But after all, Apple’s official accessories are too expensive, and many users still prefer to buy third-party accessories. Compared to Apple’s official accessories, these products have a higher price advantage and are the first choice for many iPhone 12 users.

What if wireless charging fails after upgrading iPhone 12 series to iOS 14.3?

However, there are many users’ feedback: iPhone 12 series cannot be charged when using third-party MagSafe wireless charging after upgrading iOS 14.3 system. What happened to the wireless charging failure?

Related industry engineers responded that after the iPhone 12 upgraded iOS 14.3 system, some third-party brand MagSafe wireless charging failure problem does exist, which may iOS 14.3 system in wireless charging adjustment, resulting in many third-party MagSafe wireless charging products were blocked by Apple caused. However, not all third-party MagSafe wireless chargers do not work after upgrading to iOS 14.3, and the problem only exists in some wireless charging solutions.

Many of the third-party wireless chargers that failed this time did not actually fully crack Apple’s MagSafe technology. In addition, the crack was only optimized for the iOS version at the time, and there was already a risk that the system update would be blocked, which is why the wireless charging failed.

What if wireless charging fails after upgrading iPhone 12 series to iOS 14.3?

Apple’s blocking of third-party MagSafe wireless charging is of course for its own benefit, but it will also play a role in regulating the chaotic market.

iPhone 12 series wireless charging failure after upgrading iOS 14.3 system is not a problem of iPhone 12 or iOS 14.3 system, as long as you replace Apple’s MagSafe charger or buy a well-known brand of third-party MagSafe wireless products can be charged normally.

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