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What if I don’t respond when I use Tap Back on iPhone?

After upgrading your device to iOS 14 or later, you can open Control Center, take screenshots, trigger actions specific to accessibility, and more with two or three quick taps on the back of your iPhone. If you are experiencing problems, such as a tap on the back not triggering an action, you can refer to the following information.

  1. iPhone 8 or later models support “Tap Back” feature, please check if your model supports it.
  2. Go to Settings – Accessibility – Touch, check whether the “Tap Back” setting has selected the corresponding operation, if you choose the Quick Command operation, you can go to the “Quick Command” application to check and try whether the command can be successfully triggered.
  3. According to some users’ feedback, tapping the middle of the back of iPhone will be easier to trigger. If that doesn’t work, try tapping the back of your iPhone with a little bit of force.
  4. If your phone is wearing a thicker case, you can try to remove the case and then try the “tap on the back” feature.
  5. If it still doesn’t work, try updating your iPhone to the latest official version after backing up your data.
What if I don't respond when I use Tap Back on iPhone?