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What about the iPhone 12 wireless charging failure?

Description of the problem: iPhone 12 wireless charging does not work, put iPhone 12 on the wireless charger charging, can start charging, after a while it does not work, after restarting again can charge, repeated cycles.

Apple customer service remote inspection said the hardware is fine.

What about the iPhone 12 wireless charging failure?

Solution: iPhone 12 wireless charging malfunction, often can not be charged may be caused by the charger is not compatible.

Not all wireless chargers are unified standard, whether the wireless charger purchased is equipped with a plug, if not with a plug, but with their own, usually low wattage power adapter may not be able to sustain power, it is recommended to choose Apple’s official 12W and above power adapter or other brands of high-power power adapter.

In addition, the iPhone 12 wireless charging failure is also related to the following factors.

  1. iPhone is equipped with a thick protective case, metal case or battery shell, please try to remove the case or shell.

2, Do not place any objects between iPhone and charger. For example, the back of the iPhone paste metal ornaments, or finger ring buckle and any other things, which will affect the iPhone wireless charging.

  1. Make sure your iPhone is placed properly. Place your phone in the center of the charger or in the location recommended by the manufacturer. (The recommended method is to place it in the center of the wireless charger with the logo on the back of the iPhone.) Improper placement may also result in slow charging.
  2. If your iPhone vibrates (for example, when receiving a notification), the iPhone may shift. This may cause the charging station to stop providing power to iPhone. If this happens frequently, consider turning off the vibration feature, turning on Do Not Disturb mode, or using a case to prevent movement.
  3. If the phone overheats, or the wireless charger overheats, this may cause the iPhone to not charge.
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