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Tips: Shoot Night Mode time-lapse videos on iPhone 12

On the iPhone 12 series models, users can use Night Mode not only for selfies and portraits but also to capture longer interval videos in low light situations with the help of time-lapse photography, such as shooting starry skies, moon and cloud changes at night.

When shooting time-lapse photography through night mode, it is recommended to use it with a tripod to provide longer exposure times, resulting in sharper videos, better light trails, and smoother exposures in low light conditions. If not using a tripod, make sure you hold your iPhone as smoothly as possible during shooting to get the best results.

Time-lapse photography on iPhone 12 via Night Mode.

1.Find the ideal shooting environment and enable iPhone’s camera function.

2.In the viewfinder, swipe left until you get to “Time-lapse”.

Tips: Shoot Night Mode time-lapse videos on iPhone 12

3.To adjust the exposure, click the small arrow icon at the top of the viewfinder and then use the dial that appears above the “shutter” button to make adjustments.

Tips: Shoot Night Mode time-lapse videos on iPhone 12

4.Click the shutter button to start recording, you will see the timer moving around the “shutter” button, click the shutter button again to stop recording.

Night mode will be activated automatically when shooting timed videos in low light conditions. If you don’t see the Night Mode logo at the top right of the screen, it means that the fiber is sufficient and you don’t need to turn on the mode.

Note that the number of frames per second captured is related to the amount of time you are recording. The longer you record, the fewer frames per second you will capture, and the more significant the acceleration of the action will be during playback, which compresses to about 20-40 seconds no matter how long you shoot.

If you record for less than 10 minutes, the frames are captured at 2 fps. after 10 minutes, the speed is reduced to 1 fps, and further reduced at 40 minutes, 80 minutes, etc. The frame rate cannot currently be changed manually in the Camera app.

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