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Three Ways to Bulk Delete Messages on iPhone 12

Nowadays, most of the SMS messages we receive are time-sensitive verification code messages or unimportant advertising and sales messages, etc. When you need to delete SMS messages in bulk on iPhone, you can use the following three methods.

1.Bulk select to delete

Click the “…” icon in the upper right corner, then click “Select Messages”, and check the messages you need to delete, then click “Delete” in the lower right corner to delete them.

2.Select Delete by gesture operation

In the SMS interface, press and hold the message with two fingers and drag down to select messages for deletion in batch.

Three Ways to Bulk Delete Messages on iPhone 12

3.Delete by time

You can set to keep messages only for a certain period of time, please go to “Settings” – “Messages” – “Keep messages”, and then select the length of time you want to keep the messages. For example, if you choose 30 days, then messages received before 30 days will be automatically deleted by the system.

Please note that since messages cannot be recovered after deletion, please check carefully to avoid deleting important text messages. Or you can copy and backup important text messages to memo or other applications in advance to prevent them from being deleted by mistake.

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