Rapid Charging Station for Multiple Devices ??3 USB + 1 USB C Ports + 1 Qi Charger 50W 10A 5 Ports Compatible for All iPhone and Samsung Models ??Short Cables Included ??(White)



EASY TO HANDLE IN YOUR DAILY LIFE: This device allows you to be CAREFREE. All of your devices can be easily charged through one device and without caring about the tangled cables. No messy desks or cluttered counters. LESS ANXIETY of disordered tables will make your work more PRODUCTIVE.

MAGNIFIED INTELLIGENT IC CHIP: This device has intelligent IC chip for OPTIMAL POWER DISTRIBUTION which provides protection and safety from over-heating, over-voltage, short-circuiting and excessive amount of charge. IC Chip also connects with DEVICE IDENTIFICATION which enhances the features of the product.

COMPATIBILITY ??FASTER CHARGING: With Built-in 10W Qi Wireless charging, this device provides you with the facility of CHARGING 1.4 TIMES FASTER than an average standard wireless charging pad. It supports all latest iPhone Models and Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra, S10, S10 Plus, S9, S9 plus S8, and all Note Series.

DETACHABLE DIVIDERS: A great way to hold many devices in one charging station is to have dividers in it. This device allows you to hold up to 5 DEVICES IN PERFECTLY SAFE AND SOUND CONDITION. Your e-reader, tablets, iPads, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, iPhone X and SX, and several other products of Apple can easily clutch the dividers. It will make it EASIER for you to handle many devices at one place.

PERFECT OPPORTUNITY ??MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: One-year warranty will be provided with this device. It will keep you STRESS FREE about any kind of tensions or worries. You can easily utilize your warranty in one-year timeline. Whereas other devices only have 30 days policy, we make sure that you have MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE to be as relaxed as possible.

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