Mophie powerstation Plus XL (10,000mAh) – Qi Wireless Charging with Built in Micro USB and Lighning Cables – Khaki (401101697)



Integrated switch-tip cable: The integrated micro USB to Lightning switch-tip cable works with any device that has Lightning or micro USB input. When not in use, the switch-tip is stored in the cable recess.

Hours of Extra Battery: +34 hrs. smartphone, +14 hrs. small tablet, +7 hrs. large tablet

High Output Charging: The integrated micro USB to Lightning switch-tip cable delivers 10W of power at 2. 1A speed.

Charge Multiple Devices: Charge a second device with the high-output USB-A port which can deliver up to 10W of power to compatible USB devices and wearables.

Wireless Input: Wirelessly recharge your power station plus XL on a mophie charging pad or other Qi-enabled charging pad.

Priority+ Charging: Priority+ charging provides power to a charging device first before the power station plus battery starts to recharge.

LED Power Indicator: The integrated four-light LED power indicator displays charging status and the current battery life.

Premium Fabric Finish: The fabric finish on one side of the power station provides a comfortable, secure grip and prevents scruffs and scratches.

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