Compatible Barnes & Noble Nook Color LED Lit Charging Sync Data Cable. Lit Tip indicates Red Charging Green Charged (Cable Will not display charging on your Tablet screen) (1.5FT)



Short 1.5FT Long Cable. LED status indicator on the TrueProve Smart Cable glows RED while charging & glows GREEN or “BLUE??once the charge has completed

Ideally Compatible with the Nook Color Tablet Models BNRV200 & BNTV250, BNTV250A

Color Tablet Users Note: The cable will not indicate Charging on your Nook color Tablet display (Only the cable Tip will light)

Also Compatible with Nook, Samsung Nook, Nook Simple Touch and Nook Glowlight

Bundle Includes a TrueProve Bonus Carry Pouch. Supports 2.4-Amp Fast Rapid Charging. Color: Black

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