Black FFC USB FPV Flat Slim Thin Ribbon FPC Cable Micro USB 90 Degree Angle to Standard USB A for sync and Charging (50CM)



Available length:50cm, Flat soft ribbon USB cable Micro USB data sync and charging cable.

Super soft and very light .Only 5g low profile .Slim Thin Flat Micro USB.FFC Micro cable. FPC Micro cable. ideal for gimbal fpv rig handhold gimbal charging. good for small room tight space application.

Micro USB 90 degree angle to Standard USB A .Can directly transmit AV signal.Please check the direction/ orientaiton of micro USB before puchasing.

Strong anti-interference capacity.Gold plated pins,Great quality.

If you are looking for other USB configuations, even you only need one, please be free to contact us .

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