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iPhone 12Pro Max Heating Severe Solution

iPhone 12pro max is a particularly hot phone this year, but many people find that this phone heats up more seriously during use. iPhone 12pro max heats up badly. iPhone 12pro max heats up badly. Is there any way to solve it?

Here is some iPhone 12pro max user feedback.

A. iPhone 12pro max heat serious, play half an hour feel the phone began to heat up ……

B. iPhone 12pro max casually look at the video is hot, playing games still have to ……

C. iPhone 12pro max just bought the first two or three days okay, recently inexplicably camera next to the heat flashlight can not open ……

D. iPhone 12pro max no matter rest screen or charging under normal use will be hot, stainless steel bezel even a little hot ……

iPhone 12Pro Max Heating Severe Solution

What should I do if iPhone 12pro max heats up badly?

Regarding the iPhone 12pro max serious heating problem, Apple suggests you to turn off 5G and then upgrade to 14.2 and above system.

After the two-step operation, you can find that the phone range is obviously improved a lot, and the heat is not so bad.

In addition, you can also make the following settings.

  1. Turn off SMS repeat alerts
  2. Turn off Siri suggestion
  3. Turn off background refreshing of mobile app
  4. Turn off useless application notifications
  5. Turn off location services
  6. Turn off mobile data push
  7. Turn off App Store auto update
  8. Turn off dynamic effect
  9. iPhone display warm and cold problem
  10. Turn off wide gao tracking
  11. Turn off shared iPhone analytics
  12. Turn on dark color mode
  13. Close the system touch feedback
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