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In 2021, Will there be an iPhone SE3?

According to the latest news given by Blayne Curtis, Thomas O’Malley, Tim Long and other analysts, the iPhone SE3 is unlikely to be launched in 2021, in other words, Apple does not plan to update the SE series next year.

The news mentions that Apple has no plans to update the iPhone SE series in the foreseeable future, but a potential new larger-screen iPhone SE Plus is in the pipeline.

In 2021, will there be an iPhone SE3?

In fact, Tianfeng International’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also previously said that the iPhone SE3 will not be launched early next year, we still have to be patient and wait.

It is reported that the iPhone SE3 (or called iPhone SE Plus) supports 5G network, the screen size is upgraded to 6.06 inches, the image is upgraded to dual camera, while retaining Touch ID, the location of the fingerprint sensor is not yet determined.

If Touch ID is still designed for the front, coupled with the 6.06-inch screen, one-handed operation may become a luxury, because the round home button greatly affects the phone’s screen ratio, which will lead to a larger body trim size.

In fact, for Apple, the SE series of updates and upgrades do not have to be so fast, and a biennial upgrade is perfectly fine.

Do you expect Apple to come out with an iPhone SE every year?

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