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How to restart Apple iPhone 12? iPhone 12 restart method tutorial

Apple iPhone 12 has a full-screen design, compared to the previous iPhone using fingerprint recognition Home button has a lot of different interactions, which makes many users from the iPhone 6S directly to the iPhone 12 a face mask, and even some individual users will not restart the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 12 is a new iPhone with a new screen, but the iPhone 12 is a new one.

How to restart Apple iPhone 12? iPhone 12 restart method tutorial

Here is the Apple iPhone 12 phone restart method tutorial.

1, the power button and volume “+” key at the same time long press, there will be a sliding shutdown prompt, so you can turn off the phone;

2, after the phone is completely shut down, long-press the power button for a few seconds, you can see the phone is restarted;

3.[Settings] – [General] – [Shutdown] within the phone, you can also turn the phone off;

4, call Siri, give the command “shutdown” can also be turned off the phone.

In addition, if the iPhone 12 is stuck and not working, you can also make a forced restart of the iPhone to solve the problem, as follows.

1, quickly press the iPhone 12 phone left side of the [volume +] button, and then quickly release;

2, and then quickly press the [Volume -] button on the left side of the iPhone 12 phone, and quickly release;

3.Finally, press and hold the iPhone 12 phone right side of the [shutdown button] until the Apple Logo appears on the phone screen, then release the hand to restart the iPhone 12.

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