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How to extend the battery life of iPhone 12 when it drops significantly in standby?

Apple officially introduced the iPhone 12 series models will default on automatic 5G mode, which will automatically switch to LTE network to save power and extend device life when it detects that 5G speed is not currently needed.

How to extend the battery life of iPhone 12 when it drops significantly in standby?

But according to 9to5Mac, more and more iPhone 12 users are now finding that the iPhone 12 runs out of power quickly in standby mode, even with Wi-Fi or 5G turned off.

Feeling the battery drain fast when you first get a new phone is usually caused by a variety of reasons such as increased usage, checking for new features, restoring data with checking for data updates, etc. It will return to normal after a period of use. However, some users are now pointing out that the iPhone 12 battery drains quickly in standby mode, and after getting a new phone and using it for a while, the power consumption in standby mode is about 4% per hour. There are also users who have seen 20% to 40% battery power drop overnight.

We’re not sure what’s causing the above, and Apple has yet to respond officially.

If you want to extend the battery life of iPhone 12, in addition to turning on automatic 5G mode, you can also try the following first.

  1. Turn off background refresh: Open Settings – General – Background Application Refresh and touch to turn it off.
  2. Turn off non-essential location permissions: Go to Settings-Privacy-Location Services, you can choose to modify the permissions of some applications that do not often use geolocation to never or during the use of the application.
  3. Use low battery mode: When the remaining power is insufficient, you can go to Settings-Battery to turn on low battery mode, which can effectively extend the battery life after opening.
  4. Disable unnecessary notifications: App pushing is not only a nuisance, it is also one of the main causes of iPhone power consumption.
  5. Set auto-lock time: Open Settings – Display and Brightness – Auto-lock in iPhone to shorten the length of auto-lock.

If your iPhone is dropping power, you can also contact Apple’s official after-sales service to check it.

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