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How many years does iPhone 12 last? iPhone 12 how to maintain?

In addition to the smooth iOS system, the iPhone also has a particularly excellent quality and durability. Many users pursuing the new iPhone will be eliminated from the old iPhone to friends and relatives around, the important thing is that two or three years have passed they basically do not lag, and never repaired, are only updated battery only, which is how many Android manufacturers do not dare to compare.

And now the iPhone 12 has arrived, you think your iPhone 12 can use a few years. iPhone 12 how to maintain?

How many years does iPhone 12 last? iPhone 12 how to maintain?

Generally speaking, iPhone 12 use three years certainly does not matter, but in the use of the process should also pay attention to maintenance, the following is the iPhone 12 daily maintenance methods:

  1. Don’t download too many useless apps, regularly clean up some useless apps, so as to reduce the burden of running the phone.
  2. Open [Settings] – [General] – select [Background App Refresh], close some APPs that do not need to run in the background.
  3. Do not play games while charging, because the system resources mobilized when the game is running is relatively large, playing games while charging will lead to serious heating of the phone, and also lag, if it continues to accelerate the aging of the phone battery, so it is not recommended that you play the phone while charging.
  4. Do not use irregular chargers, try to use the original charger, if not the original can also use the regular third-party charger, the use of pirated or pseudo-certified chargers, the lighter will affect the life of the phone battery, the heavier may occur some accidents.
  5. Need to maintain a certain amount of power when not using the phone in the near future, if not, the phone will fall into a state of deep discharge, which will damage the battery.
  6. Do not wait for the phone to get too low before charging, which will affect the life of the battery
  7. Avoid overheating or overcooling, the phone runs for a long time in an environment higher than 35 degrees, which will lead to a rapid decline in battery life, while the performance of the phone use in low temperature will also be greatly reduced.
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