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How do I use the “Mention” feature in the iOS 14 Messages app?

In iOS 14 and later, the Messages app for iOS adds a “mention” feature similar to third-party social apps, which means that when you use iMessage Group Chat, you can mention a friend in a group conversation, highlight the person’s name in the message text, and notify them that someone has mentioned them.

It’s also worth noting that even if you’ve muted a group chat message, you can still be notified when someone mentions you so you don’t miss important messages.

Here’s how to use a “mention” in an iMessage message:

  1. Open a “Messages” conversation.
  2. Type the message you want to send as usual, but include the contact’s name: Type the contact’s name, then tap the name that appears, and if it turns blue, the method works. Or, type “@” and enter the name.Please note that you must PS:(enter the name as it appears in Messages, otherwise the mention will not work and the person will not be notified. Depending on the contact’s settings, the mention can notify him/her even if he/she has muted the conversation).
  3. Click the Send button to send your message.
如何在 iOS 14 信息应用中使用“提到”功能?

How to enable alert notifications:

By default, you will receive message notifications whenever a contact mentions your name in a group chat, even if notifications are disabled in the Messages app.

To change this setting, open iPhone Settings – Messages, and turn Notify Me on or off.

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