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How do I get Siri to help send audio messages on my iPhone?

In iOS 14, Apple has optimized the Siri voice assistant feature, and now Siri supports a new streamlined interface that doesn’t obscure what the user is viewing and has a broader knowledge base. Notably, Siri also supports sending audio messages to contacts, so users can send audio messages directly to Siri on their iPhone or through a Bluetooth headset when they can’t get their phone out.

When sending an audio message using the audio interface in the Messages app, the “Record” option only appears when the intended recipient is an iMessage user. However, Siri can also send an audio message to an Android phone.

Here’s how.

  1. Use the usual “Hey Siri” voice command or invoke Siri on your iPhone or iPad with a keystroke.
  2. Then say to Siri: Send an audio message to [contact name].
  3. After Siri answers “OK, record,” say what you want to include in your audio message. Siri transcribes your voice in real time at the bottom of the screen to show you that you can hear it clearly.
  4. When finished, “Siri” will display the recorded waveform on the screen along with options for “Send,” “Cancel,” and a play button to play it back to yourself.
How do I get Siri to help send audio messages on my iPhone?

If desired, you can choose to play only, re-record the message, cancel or send the message.

5.After the message is sent successfully, you can open the Messages app to view it.


Voice messages are automatically deleted after a few minutes, and you can change this default setting and make them permanent by

Open iPhone Settings – Messages – Expire – Never.

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